High fashion silk fabrics

linea costume rome

Linea e costume is a very sought after and high-class shop: here you can find a wide assortment of very valuable and rarely found materials and fabrics.

The quality of every single material is unquestionable, and the price relates to the softness and elegance of the fabrics.The Cionfrini are also very caring and generous with their advice and are very patient with their customers during their purchases.


Wholesale and retail sales of high fashion fabrics.Since 1820, the Cionfrini family has dealt in pure noble silk with a range of over 100 colours coordinated in various qualities, to form compounds.There is not a high fashion designer in Italy or even in Paris who does not put models on the catwalk clothed in Cionfrini fabrics.The elite of fashion has always chosen from our collection of samples (Versace, Valentino, Ferrè and MUGLER).Now the company is expanding its fantasy range with exclusively designed Armani and CAVALLI fabrics and with a wide assortment of lace for wedding dresses or SOLSTISS ceremonies.


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